Spring 2022 Recitals

The 25th Annual spring Recital

Music Maker Workshops is proud to present the 2022 Spring Recitals.  These recitals will be held at Esperanza church in Ahwatukee.  This facility has a beautiful campus and quaint chapel with lovely acoustics.  We appreciate their support of Esperanza over the years.  We have been using their facility for over a decade.  This spring they have opened their facility to us to schedule over 24 hours of recitals.

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Who can participate in recitals?  Recitals are designed with all active students in mind.  We ask that this is a collaborative plan between teacher and student.  If you are interested please open up communication with your teacher to prepare something for the recital.

Preparing for the Recital:

Preparation is the key to having a positive experience performing at a recital.  Nerves can sometimes get the best of us, so at least being able to fall back on a well-prepared piece will help counteract nervousness.  Students can use this checklist to prepare for the recital:

Music Score

Student can announce first and last name, song title and composer's name clearly.

Tempo and Rhythm

Student can play with correct tempo and rhythm.


Student can play all the articulation.  This includes slurs, phrase marks, staccato, accents, and legato.


Students play music with dynamics, referring to the notes of the ensemble volume (loud or soft).  Also, student can execute the correct dynamic changes (crescendo and diminuendo, etc).

Accuracy in Performance

The student has realistically practiced enough to be accurate and confident on stage.


Students will have their recital piece memorized. The student has it completely memorized a minimum of 1 week before the recital date.


The student has put thought into what he or she will wear on the day of the recital.  The student practiced the song in the same clothes and shoes.



Recitals are a time when students can invite family and friends to listen to their performances.  A time to expand learning from the classroom to the stage and under the lights.  Plus, students get to hear other musicians from a variety of instruments.



Thursday, May 19th

Friday, May 20th

Saturday, May 21st


Thursday, May 26th

Friday, May 27th

Saturday, May 28th


Esperanza Lutheran Church in Ahwatukee