Band & Orchestra Instruments

We are a Milano Music Depot!  We have a variety of instruments in-stock year-round.  You can come to our studio to conveniently rent band and orchestra instruments. 
Milano's Music has been locally owned and operated since 1946

Rent your school instrument from us! 480-706-1224

Music Maker Workshops has been working collaboratively with Milano Music for almost two decades.  We value working with a family-owned business with great values and work ethic.  Most importantly we like to support the local economy. 

Renting from a locally-owned music school & center provides employment for Arizona musicians.  Jobs such as servicing instruments, renting instruments, and providing local schools with instrument rental events.  Plus at our local rental depot musicians are hired to showcase different instruments at community events and teach music lessons.  Therefore, local instrument rentals can lead to local musicians inspiring and nurturing future musicians right here in Arizona. 

Milano Music Rental Program

Milano's rental program has been developed through decades of working with the music educators of Arizona.  Therefore they have tailored it to meet the needs of students and parents alike.  Prices are low and there are no hidden fees or extra charges EVER.  Just rent the instrument as long as you need it and return it whenever you're done - no advance notice needed.

The monthly payment includes the rental of the instrument as well as tax and insurance.  Insurance covers EVERYTHING with NO DEDUCTIBLES.  Plus if anything happens to your instrument, we can exchange it right at our depot in Ahwatukee.  Plus Milano provides school representatives that service local schools in Ahwatukee.

Thank you for renting with us!

  • Monthly rental rate never increases
  • Return at any time
  • 100% of your rental fee applies towards new instrument of the same type
  • Insurance covers all loss theft or damage!
  • No deductible, No hassle
  • Returns and Exchanges available at our Depot.
  • School supplies and books available until supplies last

Do you need an instrument for your child's school program?

We provide band and orchestra instruments for all local schools.  

Do you have a school band program that needs support?

If you are a local teacher that needs support with your band or orchestra program?  You are not alone.  Milano Music Center and Music Maker Workshops will collaboratively work together to help you from behind the scenes.

We can help with:

Beginning Band

Advanced Band

Beginning Orchestra

Advanced Orchestra

Rental Resources

Cleaning Rental Instrument Kids

Curriculum for Teachers & Students

Private Instruction/Tutoring for Students

Where are we located?

.We are located on the SE corner of Chandler Blvd & 32nd Street in Ahwatukee (Phoenix).

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