Recommendations from MMW

Instrument Purchase Recommendations

Piano Recommendations


Digital & Acoustic Pianos

Phase 1)  Basic keyboard with a stand.  The keyboard should have weighted keys and be touch-sensitive. These features are important so the keyboard feels like an actual piano and not like a toy keyboard.

Phase 2) Digital piano console that looks very similar to an acoustic piano.   The Yamaha Clavinova has options to hook up to Apple products for fun things such as intuitive recording, karaoke, silent play through headphones, background bands, and Itunes sheet music conversion.

Phase 3) Acoustic Upright or Grand pianos provide musicians with the most power, the best touch, and sound.

Recommended Brands

Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Roland, Korg & Kurzwell

Guitar Recommendations

Jacob L.

Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar: Has a classic sound that is soothing.  It can be deeper and fuller than an electric guitar. It has a true sound and can be played to get a full range of dynamics.

Electric Guitar:  The strings are thinner and easier to play than acoustic.  The neck of the guitar is thinner so making it easier for musicians to play.  You can control volume and amps and pedals can change the sound.

Recommended Brands

Acoustic: Yamaha, Fender, Epiphone, Gibson, Taylor or Martin

Electic: Gretsch, Ephiphone, Yamaha, or Gibson

Drum Recommendations


Acoustic & Electric Drums

Acoustic Drums:  Key features to look for are 4-5 piece drumset (not including cymbals).  A common drum package includes drums (bass drum, snare drum, & floor tom-tom and two rack toms. Cymbals, pedals,  stands, and a throne (or seat) may not be included.

Electric Drums: This can be a great option because you can use headphones and practice without noise complaints.

Recommended Brands

Acoustic: Yamaha, Pearl, Tama, DW, & Gretsch

Electric: Roland, Yamaha & Alesis

Local Store & Service Recommendations

Recommended Local Stores

Milano Music Center:

Band & Orchestra Rentals

Music Maker Workshops is a local Ahwatukee rental depot for Milano Music Center.  So we highly recommend you come into our local studio to get all your band & orchestra needs.

Piano Tuning & Repair

Jason Calvi Piano Tuning:

Violin or Viola Instrument Repair

Andrew's Fine Violins:

Guitar Instrument Repair