Extraordinary Encounter: Music Maker Workshops Student, Parker Brandt, Meets Legendary Cuban Trumpeter Arturo Sandoval

On the night of January thirteenth, Parker Brandt, a trumpet student at Music Maker Workshops, had the incredible opportunity to meet his hero, renowned Cuban trumpeter Arturo Sandoval. 

Sandoval was performing at the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center where Parker and his trumpet instructor, Louise Baranger, per her familiarity with the performer, were invited to a private reception following the concert. Notably, Sandoval, a winner of twelve Grammy Awards and the Presidential Freedom Award, graciously spent time with Parker, creating a memory that will resonate for a lifetime. 

Parker Brandt, a talented sixth-grader at Horizon Honors School in Ahwatukee, has been honing his trumpet skills under the guidance of Louise Baranger for the past three years. Ms. Baranger, an accomplished trumpeter herself and a collaborator with Arturo Sandoval on her first album, “Trumpeter’s Prayer”, expressed her delight in bringing this opportunity to fruition. “Meeting heroes inspires students in so many ways. As a teacher, I’m so lucky that I have many, many friends who are out there performing and who are willing to spend time with my students. This is why I love teaching, because of what we get to share with our students”, said Ms. Baranger.

As Parker continues his musical journey at Music Maker Workshops, this experience promises to be a source of inspiration and motivation for him. This extraordinary meeting highlights the power of music education and mentorship, showcasing the staff at Music Maker Workshops’ commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering connections within the global music community. 

AFN Article by Jess Magee