Music is my Happy Place!


Celebrating 5 years teaching at Music Maker Workshops

The saying "Music is my Happy Place" definitely seems to describe Emilio to a tee!  A teacher filled with positive energy and a genuine love for music.  His talent and knowledge has been greatly appreciated at the studio.  Recently he has celebrated his fifth year teaching at Music Maker Workshops.

We understand the importance of specialized instruction at the studio. His passion for musical diversity and integrity makes him such a strong teacher. He is a multi-instrumentalist and teaches saxophone, clarinet, and oboe at the studio.

As an educator and performer, Mr. Emilio has found himself in a wide range of musical settings.

Having completed his MM in Jazz Studies from ASU, Emilio now seeks to expand his performance experience and take his musical talents further to teach and advocate for music education at all levels.

What is your favorite memory over the past 5 years teaching at MMW?

"I would say one of my favorite and most memorable moments was playing drums at the end of semester coffee house gig with the Jazz ensemble.  I had to fill in for Sean and only had a few weeks to learn the songs.  I had a blast playing the gig and I think that was one of the best performances the students gave.  They played their butts off on their solos and I know they felt really strong afterwards. " - Emilio

Saxophone Students playing in Jazz Ensemble

This was a picture of the evening at the coffee house that Mr. Emilio was referring to in his favorite moment.  However, in this picture you can't see him because he's at the drum kit.

Starting a funk/pop band on Tuesday nights at MMW.

Did you know that Mr. Emilio is directing a Funk/Pop Band at MMW on Tuesdays afternoons.  They practice Tuesday evenings from 3:45-4:30 pm at Music Maker Workshops.

This band meets at Music Maker Workshop once a week and is designed for middle-school & high-school students.

Come learn how to improvise together, teaches an extended palette of chords, composition, and knowledge of melody.

It's a small group of intermediate to advanced musicians.

Check out the page on information about the Funk/Pop Band.


Would you like to schedule lessons with Mr. Emilio?

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