Meet Mr. David the Drummer


Performer, teacher, rhythm curator, and music lover through and through.

What is your first memory of playing the drums?

I remember pulling out my mom's pots and pans and trying to drum along with a kid's TV show when I was around six years old. From that point, really anytime I was near a drumset I felt compelled to play on them.

Who was the most supportive of you becoming a professional drummer?

My family has been very supportive in my endeavors with music and percussion over the years and I feel truly blessed for it.

David with his sister Jessica (MMW Office Manager) at the studio.

How long have you been teaching drums?

10 years already!

What's your favorite genre of music to play?

I love all genres really, but my favorite things to play honestly are any kind of songs with a good groove and feel. Funk, Reggae and soul are definitely at the top of my list, though I do like to rock out when I can.

Who was your most influential teacher and why?

My most influential teacher was Bruce Weitz. He was a phenomenal player and teacher and really helped me get on the right track for what I wanted to do. I owe a lot to him. He now plays with some friends of mine in Seattle.

What are your favorite brands of drums?

TJS Custom Drums is a local company that makes beautiful sounding drums and I am an endorser so I'm a little biased lol. However they are really great. Other than that, I do like Ludwig Drums,  Gretsch Drums as well as DW.

How do you stop the bass drum and hi-hat pedals from creeping?

Setting the bass drum spikes usually work, but if it's still creeping there's a product called the kick block that really sticks into the carpet and doesn't budge.

Do you think people should keep their cymbals polished?

That's all personal preference. If I used cymbals with a brilliant finish, I probably would. I typically use pretty dark and vintage sounding cymbals so I never clean them. I think some of the dirt and grime that builds up lends to their sound and makes them more unique.

What makes you unique as a teacher?

At least as a drum instructor, I feel that my experience playing saxophone when I was younger and learning music theory helped set me apart a bit. I come from a very musical background and try to teach people not just how to play drums, but how to be good musicians in general.


Mr. David with drummers at summer camp.

We heard you also play the spoons, when & how did that start?

Lol I do play spoons on occasion. I saw someone playing them while I was on tour, and just decided I wanted to learn. Anything percussion related I love. I looked up a few tutorials on YouTube, and having been playing for years once I developed the grip for them it was pretty easy. I still continue to try and learn new tricks and things to play with them.

Mr. David playing the spoons

Besides being a teacher you are a professional gigging musician. Can you tell us what it's like to do that profession?

It's absolutely an incredible feeling to do something I'm passionate about for a living. It's definitely not easy, and quite hectic at times, but some of my best memories all have to do with playing music out. I get to play with lots of different wonder and amazing musicians all the time, and the feeling you get from thousands of people dancing and singing along to songs you helped create is second to none.


Where's your favorite place to play the drums?

My favorite place to play is probably Yucca Tap Room, but there's so many really cool places to play out here in the valley.

How do people follow you if they want to go to upcoming gigs?

I post all of my gigs on Instagram and Facebook, but the best place to see would be my website I have my calendar attached so you can see where and when I'll be playing, as well as see some clips  and links to music I've made.

You also organize gigs for other musicians are you considered a music manager?

I'm sort of a glorified booking agent for myself. For many years after building a name for myself I just waited for calls.  Then I decided to start booking things for myself and calling friends and connections I've made over the years to join me. It's been a wonderful blessing and puts me more in the driver's seat, and I love that I get to play with whomever I want.

What upcoming gigs will you be playing?

You can view my event calendar

However, I do play weekly at:

Belle's Nashville Kitchen every Thursday 7-10

Jolie's Place every Sunday 11-2 pm.

Aside from those, I play almost every Friday and Saturday somewhere in town. Loco Patron  and Old Town Tavern as well as Boondocks in Tempe I tend to play frequently.

Any fun facts about you?

I love to cook and I almost made it into a baking competition show 🙂

If you have one message to inspire upcoming musicians what would it be?

Persistence and patience are key. There's no shortcut, but if you put in the time, practice, and are patient you will succeed in your goals on your instrument. Listen to various styles of music. And no matter what, have fun with it. That's what it really boils down to.

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