Drumming with James W.

Introducing Drum Student James W.

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What is your favorite part of taking music lessons at Music Maker Workshops?

"I like that I get to spend the full time with Mr. Devin being silly and playing the drums."

What is your favorite song to play and why?

"Falling (Adrenaline) because I played it in the recital and I thought I did my best."

A Message from James' Drum Teacher, Mr. Devin:

“James has been playing a very difficult song and is really rising to the occasion with a lot of practice!  Keep up the great work James, we are very proud of your progress!”


Devin was in a touring band on the east coast and spent several years as a roadie. He has taught privately for the last 12 years. Devin provides a combination of both fun activities and learning the fundamentals in lessons. He has a great sense of humor and works well with younger kids & teens.

Devin's music philosophy is that there is no such thing as talent, only passion and time invested. He teaches drums, beginning guitar, beginning and intermediate bass guitar. He studied under David Hopson, a competitive jazz drummer who won many competitions throughout the 80s.

Devin is incredibly passionate about teaching music in any form, and is hoping to one day teach music at the high school and university level.

Drum Lessons at MMW