Fostering an Appreciation for the Performing Arts

Performing arts are valuable for people of all ages. Both young and old can participate and enjoy theatre, dance, and music.

Attend Live Performances

The Phoenix metropolitan offers a great variety of musical productions. As well this area is a hot spot for many entertainers. Therefore attending live performances is one of the best ways to be in the mix of the magic. There are many options from ballets, opera, musicals, bands, and even local improv. Enjoy both local children's performances and professional musicals. Plus many live performances are now available virtually through live streaming.


Take a Dance or Musical Theatre Class

What about signing up for a class? This valley has so many options for seasonal camps, workshops, and weekly classes. With local programming, students can perform on stage in various recitals and shows for friends and family. Dance like no one is watching!


Weave Music Into your Everyday Life

Be spontaneous with chanting, rapping, & singing throughout the day. Set the atmosphere with background music and explore different genres. Music is one of the most energizing and fun hobbies (or professions).

Mix and Produce your music and add it to your playlist. Now people can make studio-quality recordings as if they were in a professional sound studio. So check out the many digital computer set-ups that make music production accessible to the public for beginners.


Learn A Musical Instrument

What about learning a new instrument? Even if you've never played an instrument before or if you want to take up a new one. Learning a new instrument is a great way to lower stress and build confidence. And, playing an instrument has social benefits too because it helps you connect with fellow music enthusiasts. Also, did you know that Arizona has some of the best D1 school band programs? Some of you might be preparing for school programs such as band, orchestra, and/or symphony.  Options for private lessons are available now with both in-studio and virtual options.

Ms. Andrea performing with her student, Tim.

Empowerment Scholarship

If you have a limited income but are interested in pursuing performing arts education for your child(ren) you may want to check out the Arizona Department of Education Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA). This scholarship program provides eligible parents public funding to pursue flexible options for customizing their children's education. ESA offers dance & theatre classes and private music lessons with accredited vendors.

For more information and information on eligibility please go directly to the ESA website: