The Ice Cream Social was a Sweet Treat

The Summer Scavenger Hunt

We had an amazing summer with so many participants in the summer practice challenge.

The challenge was to get 5 clues to the scavenger hunt to earn a key to the Ice Cream Social. Where there was ice cream, toppings, creative station & raffle prizes.

Students needed to complete individualized goals organized by their teacher to earn a scavenger hunt clue.  Then they needed to figure out the clues to get the key.

We had over 100 participants that attended the ice cream social.

What an accomplishment.  We are so proud of these students!

What are Monthly Practice Incentives?

We understand that the most challenging part about teaching a child a new instrument is getting them motivated to practice.

We have monthly practice incentives to help them feel connected with other students and motivated by working towards specific goals. This is the benefit of belonging to a vibrant studio community.

We celebrate their achievements with unique monthly incentives that have different themes every couple months.

This summer it was the Scavenger Hunt & Ice Cream social.  However, next month the incentive will change.  Always keep posted to see what it will be.  The anticipation helps keep spark an interest in studio activities.