A Creative Teen who Loves to Sing

Introducing Ava B, who's loved to sing her whole life.

Introducing and Featuring Ava who is a voice student at Music Maker Workshops.  Currently she is taking lessons with Ms. Micaela.  
"Ava is such a joy to have in voice lessons! She is always super focused, well prepared, and takes feedback and criticism extremely well. Plus, she's full of fun ideas and is very fun to be around," states Ms. Micaela.

What is your favorite song to sing?

"I like to sing On The Borderline by Thomas Sanders. He has been one of my biggest role models and I love all of his songs. "

What do you love about singing lessons?

"I love being able to learn things that my other peers at school may not. I’ve loved to sing all of my life and a big part of my enjoyment is being in Music Makers so I can expand and better use my voice." 

Introducing her voice teahcer, Ms. Micaela.

Micaela Rebb - Headshot
MS. Micaela R. is an innovative practitioner, flexible musician, and remarkable community leader in her field. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona she is known for her clear coloratura soprano voice throughout the valley of the sun.  Micaela is currently studying at Arizona State University for her Masters of Music Degree in Vocal Performance studying under soprano Carole FitzPatrick.

Are you interested in lessons with Ms. Micaela?

If you are interested in studying with Ms. Micaela please contact the studio at