Sadie Loves the Song Firefly

She is a Joy to Teach

Congratulations Student of the Month: Sadie C.!!
"Sadie always comes to lessons with a smile and I am always excited to see how much she has grown. She remembers everything we talk about and is thorough in her practice. She has flawless technique and I have loved teaching her!" - Ms. Maddie
From Sadie: "My favorite part about taking piano lessons is seeing Ms Maddie and playing music. My favorite song to play is Sailing in the Sun, but I also love Firefly."
Keep up the great work Sadie!

Learning Piano from Ms. Maddie


Ms. Madison received her Master's Degree in ethnomusicology from ASU.  She earned her Bachelor’s Music in piano pedagogy from Wheaton College-Conservatory of Music in Chicago.

Maddie is creative and enthusiastic.  Her lessons are adaptable to each student’s learning styles and learning goals. She prioritizes building self motivation to build technical skills and musical knowledge.  Maddie has worked with a wide variety of ages and proficiency levels, ranging from young beginners and toddlers to high school and more advanced students. She incorporates all kinds of musical styles in her instruction, from Baroque and classical to jazz and contemporary, emphasizing the great variety of music available to be enjoyed. She believes that music is a vital expressional language that greatly benefits cognitive and emotional growth.

Maddie herself has been playing and performing piano since the age of seven, winning several high school competitions, both local and state-wide, as well as performing personal recitals and in chamber ensembles during her undergraduate years. The combination of her teaching and performing experiences allows her to approach teaching through both a pedagogical and collaborative perspective, working with students to expand their musical vocabulary and expression. She is passionate about helping students explore their potential as musicians.