Becoming An Artist

Introducing Abigail J.

Guitar Student

Becoming an Artist

Since starting to learn guitar in June of 2019, Abigail has gone above and beyond to grow her skills and challenge herself.  Her first undertaking after learning a few chords and rhythms was to Sing and Play.  Which she did beautifully to perform All of Me by John Legend for our 2020 Virtual recital.  Her pop repertoire to sing and play also includes  Summer of 69, In my Blood, April Come She Will, Part of Your World, Someone Like You, Touch the Sky, and Shape of You.
Therefore, in just 2 years with focus, perseverance, internal motivation, and a genuine love of music she is truly becoming an Artist at her craft.  She is a JOY to teach each week and I am so inspired by her steady work ethic and ambition.  She is soft-spoken, lovely and a great singer, player, and student!
Plus, she earned an A in her guitar class as a Freshman last year!
- From Ms. Cindy

Learning Fingerstyle

After realizing she could grow her playing even more Abigail began learning some Cold Play songs FINGERSTYLE!!!
First, she learned The Scientist, Then Fix You, both are challenging and really helped her to learn the fretboard and right-hand fingerstyle technique.
More information about fingerstyle:

What is your Favorite part about your lessons?

"My favorite part of my lessons is the freedom I get when choosing what I want to learn. One week I can choose to sing, or I could work on technique or fingerstyle. Ms. Cindy is filled with wonderful ideas to make my music better, and she is also super sweet."  said, Abigail.

Current Repertoire

Currently, she is working on an arrangement of Harry Styles-Sign of the Times, which is coming along beautifully.

What is your favorite song to play?

"My favorite song to play is probably Fix You. It’s the most challenging song I’ve done so far, and it’s also super fun to play." - Abigail

Introducing Abigail's teacher Mrs. Cindy Wear.

Ms. Cindy

Ms. Cindy's professional education & certifications.

Meet Cindy Weir, She holds a Master of Arts, in Humanities from New York University and has a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology.

She has also completed a Specialist Certification in Voice and Musicianship, and Master Certifications in Music Theory Harmony and Ear Training, and Songwriting, at Berklee College of Music.

A collaborative artist, using her music for good.

Ms. Cindy is married, has two daughters, and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Cindy is an introspective songwriter and musician, who practices creating and performing live, original music, expressing themes of mindfulness, self-awareness, transformation and compassion. Her unique, organic style infuses creative acoustic guitar harmonies, authentically inspired vocal melodies and poetic lyric imagery, and engaging grooves. Truly a collaborative artist, she conceives and creates music, as a vehicle for healing, transformation, growth and social change, in a variety of settings, with a range of diverse audiences.

Cindy creates and performs original music

Cindy has had the opportunity to create & perform her original music in a variety of settings, including: for the C-12 Arts Collective, for the Shemer Center Exhibit w/ Casa of Arizona -The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence (2015); The Arizona State Fair (2016); The Arizona Songwriter’s Association Annual Gatherings; 40th Annual Prescott Folk Music Festival (2018); Sharlot Hall Museum Holiday (2018) Glendale Folk & Heritage Festival (2019);  Flagstaff Folk Festival (2019). She is a creator & performing artist for “Musicians On Call” since 2016, a national organization that brings the healing power of live music to patients, and their families in a hospital setting. See her interviews on the Healing Power of Music at these links:

Songwriting scholarships and experiences:

She received the Glenn Ballard Scholarship from the Berklee College of Music to complete her Master Certification in Songwriting. She’s participated in the Durango Songwriters Expo, the Nashville Songwriters Association International, and the Arizona Songwriters Annual Gatherings.

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