Forming Bonds Using Music as our Focal Point

Mr. Austen celebrates 12 years at MMW


A Multi-instrumentalist, Performer & Thoughtful Teacher

Austen has a BMus in Jazz Performance from ASU, as well as 20 years of experience as a live performer and 12 years experience as a private educator. Austen’s range of experience makes him a versatile teacher; as a 12-year member of the Music Makers teaching staff, Austen has given instruction for drums, piano, guitar, music theory and composition, improvisation, as well as coaching the majority of the Music Maker rock bands. He regularly provides his students with customized curriculum, sheet music, and recordings, and as a nationally active artist is able to provide guidance for students seeking to push their pursuit of music further. Austen’s current focus is on music technology, electronic music, and synthesizers. His favorite part of teaching is helping people find their love for music.

A Message from Mr. Austen

"Working at MMW for this long, I have great memories of countless lessons, rehearsals, recitals and concerts.
My favorite parts to think about usually stretch out longer than events happening on a single day though, like watching my former student Mike, in his 70's, progressing and learning some of his favorite songs on guitar. Or rehearsing with one of the many iterations of the band Pocket Food, goofing off in rehearsal one night and realizing that the kids truly felt comfortable being themselves while we worked. Or seeing my students bring their friends to the concerts, proud to show what they had worked on, and seeing their excitement reflected in their friends as they performed.
Thinking about students who were little kids when I met them and are adults now, working jobs and going to college and forming their own successful bands, and how we basically grew up together. So, to sum it up, my favorite memory working at Music Makers is forming bonds with other people, with music as our focal point." -Austen

Thank You Mr. Austen for your dedication to providing quality lessons and amazing experiences throughout the years.

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