Strumming Her Favorite Tunes


Introducting Savana a MMW Ukulele and Guitar Student.

Savana started off with little know-how on the Uke but has spent a lot of time practicing to get better. She was one of Mr. Allen's most prepared students for the summer recital playing "La Vie En Rose" which has Maj7 Dim7 & Min7 chords #jazz.

Savana understands a surprising amount of chord theory and finds chords without asking me. This month she took it upon herself to play in front of her class with "La Vie En Rose".

Now she picked up guitar and is ambitious to learn that. She told Mr. Allen that taking guitar with her dad, who also plays, gives her more reason to want to play."

What are the similarities between Ukulele and Guitar?

Ukulele and Guitar can both be used to play great pieces from a variety of genres.

Since they are stringed instruments they are both easy to transport and play in your favorite places.

Both can be played as harmonic instruments (playing chords) and melodic (for melodies).

What is your favorite thing about taking lessons?

It’s fun to be at Music Makers. I like my teacher and learning to play the ukulele & guitar.

What is your favorite song to play?

I like to play Fight Song because I know it on my ukulele and guitar and it’s an uplifting song. It’s fun to play


Lessons at MMW

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