He Has an Ear for Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, & R&B

Introducing Titus

"Titus has been consistently playing at a high level that most students his age just don't get near until late teen years. He spent a good amount of time learning the notes on his instrument. He has kept an open ear to music of rock, metal, jazz, blues, funk, soul, r&b.
Because of this, he is learning Stevie wonder's, "Sir Duke", a song where even some high schoolers would have a difficult time learning in the beginning. Because of his attentiveness to detail, he is able to pick up the song very quickly and accurately.This level of playing and dedication, definitely merits a student of the month award" (Mr. Allen)

What is your favorite thing about taking lessons?

My favorite part of taking lessons at Music Makers is seeing my teacher every Wednesday. He helps me through what I'm currently working on. He encourages me to practice and get through my work (Thanks Mr. Allen). - Titus

What is your favorite song?

My favorite song to play is Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder because of how complex and fun it is. It's taken me a little while to learn it but I really enjoy playing. I've even tried to teach my friend a bit of it. If you listen you can hear all the complex little details in the background that definitely make it one of the most fun songs to play. - Titus

A little bit about Mr. Allen


Allen M received his Masters degree in jazz guitar performance from Northern Illinois University in May of 2019, Allen studied with modern guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque. In 2014 he received a Bachelors degree in Jazz Studies with an emphasis in trumpet and trombone from Lincoln College. Since then, Allen plays professionally as a solo guitarist or in many different music ensembles of various genres. With deep influences in classical, jazz, blues, ska, and Latin music, an eclectic mix of opportunities in different areas is given.

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