Music Maker Piano Competition Winners Prepare for Tempe Show


Winners of the fourth annual piano competition at Music Maker Workshops in Ahwatukee are preparing for the 2023 spring recital at Tempe Center of the Arts from May 19-21.  The public is invited.

Students competed in one of three divisions, each one progressively more advanced.  "Each of the third division pieces take our students many months to learn and perfect.  That adore is an exceptional accomplishment to be recognized.  "Said studio director Kim Steedman.

The most advanced students were also required to sight-read.

"The beauty of this is that students can play at various levels and still be able to participate.  It's very inclusive, said studio manager Jess Magee.  Some 50 students participated and were judged by Music Makers' most advanced piano faculty.  "The piano competition is a great opportunity to push musicianship skills to the next level.  Getting feedback form other professionals is really helpful as well and can be a great motivator," Said Madison Archer, competition coordinator, and master piano instructor.

Cate Baskin, studio coordinator, said, "The students were inspired and excited after playing for the judging panel.  They really felt a sense of accomplishment for the hard work they've been putting in the past few months."

The winners were as follows:

Division I: Yogya Ravipati (1st place), Marysol Martinez (2nd place), Kevin Hu (3rd place),

Division II: Sophia Mateus (1st place), Beni Suffern (2nd place), Ivan Ford (3rd place), Andre Zelich (Honorable mention),

Division III:  Anthony Chrisoforides (1st place), Mel Barthe (2nd place), An Le (3rd place).

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