Dvorak & Bach are this Cellists Favorites

Introducing Mr. Tim C.


"Tim has been a cello student at MMW for over 6 years. During that time he has participated in numerous recitals and spent hundreds of hours in lessons and practice.

Last March, he purchased a beautiful new cello as an ongoing commitment to his musical education.

Tim is a dedicated student and has shown incredible progress this year. For all his achievements and hard work he deserves to be acknowledged with the title of Student of the Month!" ~ From Ms. Andrea (Tim's Cello Teacher)

What is your favorite thing about taking lessons?

I love the friendly atmosphere and all the smiling faces at Music Makers. The staff is always so kind and helpful. I always feel welcome and comfortable.
However, my favorite thing is the instruction. I've had many teachers, studying many things over the years, and Andrea stands among the best. Playing an instrument, and being able to teach others how to play it, are two very different skills. Fortunately she excels at both. She is remarkably perceptive, takes the time to explain things carefully, being certain I understand and shows almost inhuman patience. I look forward to every lesson and I leave happy every time.

What is your favorite song to play?

My favorite song to play at this time is Dvorak's Humoresque. It's the most difficult piece I've learned and the first on which I've spent so much time trying to incorporate musicality and feeling. It was so rewarding, so for now, it is my favorite. But I've just begun learning Bach's Prelude to the first cello suite, so it may push Dvorak out of first place soon.

Ms. Andrea performing with her student, Tim.
Ms. Andrea performing with her student, Tim.

Cello Lessons for Adults

At the studio, we have many adult students that come in for lessons.  Playing an instrument as an adult has so many benefits.

Making music can release endorphins, help relax the mind, and strengthen memory and motor skills.

In some respects, adults learn quickly since they can really hone in on their own learning methods. With the combination of knowing what to do with the information they receive and the resource of an expert, they can reach new levels with lessons.

Lessons are that weekly time they can come in and relax, connect and make lovely music with their hobby.



Would you like to start Lessons?

If you too are interested in pursing a musical hobby please contact us at 480-706-1224 or email us at lessons@mmwaz.com