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Summer Audio Recording Camps

Music Maker Workshops is proud to offer a summer program designed to foster a love for their music with recording.  Students will receive coaching in recording original, cover, or arrangements.
This camp is designed for intermediate musicians that are currently taking lessons and have music material. Students can get experience recording their instruments &/or voices on a track.
At the end of camp, students will have an uploaded recording.  Each student will take turns running the recording station, being the recording artist, exporting finished song files, and uploading them to share with friends and family.

Live Track Sessions

Learn about Microphones and Signals

Brainstorm Student Recordings Choices

Pick From:  Original, Cover, or Arrangements

Learn the Programs

Learn: FX, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, EQ'ing.

Start Student Sample Recordings - 20 Second Tracks
Learn about Clutch Hot Keys: Save, Undo, Record, & Duplicate.
Add Blending Effects
Dry Recording versus Wet Recording

Go Live!

Record your own Song selection with Someone Running the Sound and Someone as an Assistant/ Runner.
Uploading All Camp Sessions to SoundCloud Account.

The Audio Team


Mr. Chris

Chris is a singer/songwriter, guitar player, and music producer from Scottsdale, Arizona. Since young adulthood, he has been playing in bands, writing and recording songs, and performing all over the valley. During his time as an ASU undergrad, Chris started teaching guitar, ukulele, songwriting, and music production to students locally and over the internet on Zoom. He believes that the most important thing for students at any level is that they have fun with their lessons. Chris' passion is an audio recording and electric music production.


Mr. Allen

Allen M. provides student-driven lessons, teaching practical music skills. He focuses on fundamentals.  He supports a relaxed environment and challenges students with specific goals. He received his Masters degree in jazz guitar performance from Northern Illinois University May of 2019, Allen studied with modern guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque. In 2014 he received a Bachelors degree in Jazz Studies.  He offers audio recording lessons both privately and in camp settings.


Ms. Sofia

Ms Sofia is a passionate music educator and performer. Her teaching style is imaginative, fun, educative, and encouraging. Her family encouraged her to follow her heart and at an early age she worked with many wonderful teachers, studying piano, guitar/ukulele, saxophone, and voice.

Tween & Teen Camps

Do you love music?  This is a safe environment to be creative, to record yourself on an instrument or using your voice.


Meet other people that love music & technology. Small groups of only 8 students per session in a comfortable and safe environment.


You'll have a chance to run the recording station, be the recording artist, export the finished song file, and upload it to share with friends and family.

Example of audio tweens created and recorded 2022

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