Create Your Own Music – Songwriting Workshop

Songwriting workshop hosted by Jenn McMillan and Cindy Weir

Ms. Jenn & Ms. Cindy are offering a Songwriting Workshop!

What: An opportunity for students to work with two musicians who have written and produced original music. Working with songwriters can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience that leads to the creation of meaningful and impactful music.

Students will create a song collaboratively and share with the group! 

When: Saturday, September 16th

3 Hours! From 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Ages: 10-18 years old


Time / Date: Saturday September 16 th 2pm-5pm
2pm ~ Workshop (Lyric, Music, Creativity).
3pm ~ Co-Write.
4:30pm ~ Sharing co-written songs.

Students will learn basic elements important to creating original songs to
 Rhythm groove development
 Melodic hook creation
 Harmonic progression creation
 Lyric writing
 Students will create an original song collaboratively and share it with the group.

Students will create original music with the skills they are developing in lessons, and learn to collaborate with fellow musicians to write and complete original songs!